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Join and pay for your new membership online or download PDF File to mail. Renew and pay for your membership on-line or download a PDF File to mail. If you are a current or former member of BCPA, but cannot remember your log in information, please contact our Administrative Coordinator at There are six classes of membership and/or affiliation in this Association: Fellow, Member, Associate, Affiliate, Emeritus and Student.

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Fellow – $60.00

Fellows shall be members who have distinguished themselves within the Association. On an annual basis, the Membership committee shall solicit nominations for Fellow status and shall submit those nominations to the Executive Committee for election. Fellows continue to pay dues as Members and retain all rights and privileges of Membership in the Association.

Member – $60.00

Members of the Association shall be individuals who have received a doctoral degree in psychology conferred by a graduate or professional school that is regionally accredited, or individuals who are licensed or provisionally licensed as Psychologists.

Associate Member – $50.00

Associates shall be individuals who have a master’s degree in psychology from a regionally accredited graduate or professional school, or who are licensed as Psychological Associates or Specialists in School Psychology. Associates may not hold office nor have the right to vote in the Association. Associates may be entitled to all other rights and privileges of the Association.

Affiliate – $50.00

Affiliates shall be individuals with graduate degrees in the fields related to psychology, or other individuals interested in the advancement of psychology. Affiliates shall be individuals who are neither licensed nor provisionally licensed as a psychologist. Affiliates may not hold office nor have the right to vote in the Association.

Member Emeritus – $30.00

An Emeritus member shall have been a Member in good standing prior to applying for emeritus status, shall have reached the age of 65 or be permanently and totally disabled, and be completely retired (e.g., earning no more than 25% of his/her last year’s income from consultation fees or other employment). Members who meet the eligibility requirements for Emeritus status may apply for Emeritus status to the Membership Committee by written request. Emeritus members shall pay one-half (50%) of the professional Members due rate and retain all rights and privileges of Membership in the Association.

Student Affiliate – $20.00

Student Affiliates shall be students in good standing in psychology or field related to psychology whose student status is confirmed by their departmental chairperson, faculty advisor, or director of training. Individuals in their first year after receiving their doctoral degree have the option of maintaining Student Affiliate status. Individuals enrolled in a formal post-doctoral training program may apply for Student Affiliate status. Student Affiliates may not hold office, nor have the right to vote in the Association, except as the non-voting Student Representative to the Executive Committee.