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We would like you to join our BCPA membership. The purpose of the Association is to promote psychology as a science and as a profession. The group meets throughout the year to hear speakers address topics of general concern to psychologists, and to participate in periodic workshops. In addition, and perhaps of primary importance, the Association offers the opportunity for informal interaction with colleagues. Members are also eligible for additional benefits. Currently, these benefits include the BCPA newsletter, annual socials and Continuing Education credit for workshops and monthly seminars.

General Information

The approval process generally takes one to two weeks.  Election to membership will require payment of dues to activate your membership.  This form is used to obtain information regarding the Directory, Media Referral, and Speakers Bureau.

New Member Dues

The dues year goes through October 1, with new members who register between July 1 and September 30 receiving a grace period (membership valid until October of the following year).  If a recurring payment has been arranged, no renewal in October is needed.  The date of their recurring payment will be considered their renewal date.  If a one-time payment has been made less than six months prior to the October 1 deadline, they will automatically be renewed for the next year on October 1 without further payment.  If the annual membership fee has been paid by a one-time payment more than sixth months prior to the October 1 renewal date, the member will need to renew October 1.

There are six classes of membership and/or affiliation in this Association.

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    Graduate Education - Student Affiliates Only

    Graduate Education – All other Applicants

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    The BCPA Membership Directory is available on-line. Once your membership is approved you will be directed to a page which will allow you to self-select if your information is visible in the membership directory on-line. This directory lists addresses and phone numbers of all BCPA members. It also includes information about office locations, university affiliations, populations served, and professional specialties. It is provided to members of the organization and is often used as a referral source.