Important information regarding discontinuance of renewal permits

Discontinuance of Renewal Permits

“The Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council voted to discontinue printing and mailing renewal permits at its October 27, 2020 regular meeting. This decision was made in-part because licensees are no longer required to display a renewal permit alongside their license and because the information contained in renewal permits is now available through the Council’s online license verification system.

Beginning November 16th, the Council will no longer print or mail renewal permits when licensees renew their license. Licensees may verify whether their license has been renewed through the Council’s online verification system and print out the status of their license if proof is needed, e.g. to submit to an insurance company. The information available through the online verification system is both accurate and based upon agency records, and is considered primary source verification.
Lastly, licensees can still order a renewal permit through the Council’s online licensing system, if they so desire. The cost for ordering a renewal permit is $10.”

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